RV Solutions provides point-of-use utility pedestals for RV parks that allow visitors the freedom of only paying for the precise amount of time they wish to park, while removing the burden of round-the-clock employees and deterring theft from the park. The pedestal provides a cashless, customizable environment for both parties.

How it Works: The park-and-pay pedestal allows campers to use a credit or debit card to select and purchase pre-determined intervals of time, which in turn activates utilities at that site for the selected amount of time. The proprietary software in the pedestal allows the park administrator to preset time intervals and pricing based on factors that are important to his/her business, such as pad location, usage history, and various other market drivers specific to that park.

The Technical Side: Each Pedestal has an embedded web server for configuration and management by the park owner. There is also an access point using the onboard wifi, firewall, and DNS proxy. The software allows for historical data collection and trending for both usage and payment aspects, and can be upgraded by a USB stick from the LCD menu display and eventually will be upgradable from the user’s webpage.

Cloud-based Reservation System: We are currently developing an app that will allow travelers to find a specific park with our pedestals in use and reserve a spot in advance. In addition to reservations, the app serves as a directory of parks using our pedestals and thus provides an additional advertising platform for each park.