About Us

RV usage has recently surged nationwide, and the sudden increase brings new challenges to a typically slower paced industry. RV Solutions has developed a product (patent pending) unlike anything currently available that addresses these challenges, and the company is uniquely positioned for success based on its leadership.

Our pedestal could not have evolved into what it is today without the brain power of these two geniuses, our Lead Engineers Damon Tucker and Larry Crimm.

Our Founders

Lori Tucker: Lori has spent the majority of her career in the corporate world where she specialized in marketing and government contracting. After relocating to Mississippi from Houston, Texas, she made the move into accounting and HR functions to support a locally owned business that happens to be located across the street from Teresa Crimm’s RV park. The two of them have become fast friends and are excited about this new business endeavor.

Amir Furhmann: A successful serial entrepreneur, Amir single-handedly developed and implemented the software that runs our pedestals and portal. He’s a highly skilled system development leader with more than two decades of technical development and management experience in the realm of Internet of Things; mission critical, infrastructure networking systems; plus a whole lot more. So basically he’s our genius.

How Lori spends her spare time
Amir enjoying his spare time

“It’s unbelievable what these folks have come up with. From a simple vision to a complex, nationwide leisure solution…
it’s a win-win for all of us.”

Herbert Ingersoll, one of our first customers